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Mille Jewelry Crafts Goldsmith was born in 2001 in Turin, each jewel is proposed in its production, it comes to life from the drawing, the first phase of the design, and is expressed in 18kt only after careful and thorough set of craftsmanship, the result of Twenty years of experience that the goldsmith, creator and founder of the company, has developed in the jewelry / jewelery.                      

Mille Jewelry Crafts Goldsmith, is able to perform any type of jewel on the customer's design, giving the opportunity to the latter, to personally follow all stages of processing., in order to ensure full satisfactory and successful according expectations.                      

If instead there was no plan, but only a dream to be realized, Thousand Jewels, will be pleased to make available various catalogs of model samples, or countless artifacts already present in the windows of the store to Via Carlo Alberto , 41 in Turin.                      

In addition Thousand Jewels also has lots of loose gems, both precious, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, which semiprecious: aquamarine, peridot, amethyst, topaz, kunzites, ametrine, tourmaline, coral, turquoise, quartz etc. etc.etc., to choose from in many different cuts and carats.                      

Finally, the real pearls grown: Australian, Polynesian, Japanese and fresh water, both strands that unique pearl, round off the range. Again, it ranges from the smallest size to the more rare and important, with the choice of colors including white, gray and yellow in different shades.                      

The goldsmith extends to all types of art and creativity, for this reason can be found at the store many realizations of collier hard stone handcrafted, classic style such as necklaces in coral or turquoise or lapis lazuli, simple or degrade, the style more imaginative and fashionable such as colorful with multicolor gems briolet or cheerful torchon fantasy also be packaged to order.                      

Every product made, which is a jewel in a necklace in gold or gems, is exclusive and is never played, this to give an added value to each piece, which must remain unique, just like those who wearing.

We make available to the customer (private traders and industry) also all repair services in general, performed directly in the laboratory at the time: welding, cleaning, rhodium, embedding, making measurement etc. and rebuilding of part or all of the frames. Delivery is fast and sometimes daily. They also thrust necklaces.                      
The storefronts proposals in this website will change periodically and will offer the latest news made, there remains, then, that a look and if you want to accompany your choice with the courtesy and professionalism of a competent person, the Thousand Jewels awaits you in their showrooms in Turin.

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